In isolation, an idea is nothing more than a conceit. But in collaboration, an idea becomes real through the challenges and refinement of others. At SUM, every project starts as a synthesis of our own expertise and experience with that of our partners and customers. SUM does not impose an aesthetic philosophy; it encourages the […]

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PROCESS: craft and the tool box

Much of what we do at SUM centers on a simple strategy: to design the right tool for the job. Streamline the process of design using design tools that enhance the design process and not obscure the outcome. Tools that help us manage both simple and complex issues. For us, craft is matching a tool […]

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TECHNOLOGY: step by step

We use advanced design and build technology to integrate design with the capacity to create at multiple scales; from a single, unique object to mass production. Our projects include things you can hold in your arms like a carbon fiber guitar to things that take miles to see and experience at infrastructure scale. At SUM, […]

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privacy screen

Newly complete privacy screen install in S.F. More pics and info as the space is complete.  …

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viral wall

  1 part scientist/client who works in the bio-energy field 1 part glass virus sculpture collec…

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Mitsubishi I – office space

ALPOLIC Materials, a  division of Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America, Inc, has a building indus…

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public projects


A collaboration between Andre Caradec of S/U/M and Thom Faulders of Faulders studio along with the T…

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