SENSATE: BODIES AND DESIGN-design / fabrication of a relief wall ‘graphic’ embedded into the entry wall of the exhibition at SFMOMA

Part signage and part landscape, the effects of the installation move between content (typography) and abstract surface depending on the location of the viewer.  Successive iterations that altered the varying degrees of surface manipulation were necessary during the design process to mitigate this delicate balance of content and surface.

“From August 7, 2009 through November 8, 2009, SFMOMA will present Sensate: Bodies and Design, an exhibition of works by architects, designers and artists that represent new ways of thinking about the entanglement of human bodies and the designed world. Mutant bodies, fictional bodies, animate architecture: these are among the show’s provocations as it offers evidence of a lively contemporary debate about what bodies are and how they might be mirrored…”