Our proposal was selected as the winning entry for a public arts competition sponsored by the Alameda Arts Commission for the new Castro Valley, CA public library.

The inspiration for this permanent installation borrows from botanical growth patterns in nature. The installation is comprised of over 600 modulating “leaf” units that find structure in pairs. The material used in this installation are sheets of flexible polypropylene. Each side of the leaf pairs are asymmetrical in geometry that cause the leaves to undulate in particular patterns.  Collectively, the leaf surface functions as a light collector: mixing natural and artificial light between its folds.

It is intended that the color palate of the installation be interchanged seasonally, annually or as future interior design work dictates.

Project team:

John Heida, Mahsa Vanaki, Raphael Stargrove & Will Warne

Fabrication team: Marc Mintsioulis & Charlotte Hofstetter