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    composite house 2004

    Walker & Moody architects (architect of record) of San Francisco, along with the designer/client, asked S/U/M to consult in the production of a digital “super model” to aid in the manufacturing of a residence in Tiburon, California.

    S/U/M was asked to coordinate transferring the detailed digital 3d forms for the complex fiberglass building units digitally fabricated by Kreysler & Associates, as well as coordinate the structural engineering of the steel and finite element analysis (FEA) with the structural designers. This highly coordinated 3d model file would then be used to generate everything from the forms to create the monoqoque structures, to templating the bolt patterns for the structural steel elements.

    Along with production of the digital construction documents, S/U/M also worked on the construction side of the project by producing an elaborate system of 1:1 scale 2d site templates to arrange the complex geometrical foundation systems of the project to match the off site prefabricated structures.

    S/U/M also produced an assembly of structural ribs for one of the geometrically complex building units on site

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