Design collaboration with Thom Faulders of Faulders Studio Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TRI-MET). Winning Commission, TRI-MET Public Art Commission for the McLoughlin Blvd. Overpass at Kellog Creek, Milwaukie.

Flow-Zone is a permanent urban installation on the underside of the new MAX Orange Line overpass where it runs parallel with high-traffic McLoughlin Boulevard. Created as a way to activate the 1,700-foot long new Corten steel structure, the raised pattern is composed of nearly 2000 vibrant green aluminum fin elements, or “botts,” individually placed to form an intricate geometric design upon the bridge. The cumulative field enlivens the underside of the bridge, transforming the underutilized and typically dark area into a desirable public space for local residents and passing commuters.

The botts are placed in alignment with the localized traffic flows on the multi-use Trolley Trail and roadways below, rather than conforming to the geometry of the structure. Finding inspiration in the irregular formations of flocks and cloud formations, the 800-foot long artwork visually pools and separates when viewed from different vantage points. Round light reflectors fastened to each bott registers the passing lights of cyclists and automobiles, illuminating Flow-Zone and creating a dynamic presence at night.