Est. 2002

We combine ideas, process and technology to help clients achieve unique outcomes. We use a standard methodology to yield uncommon results; products, designs, dwellings and industrial applications that are beautiful and useful. Our work is driven by the catalyst of creativity to make new things and the power of technology to make them work. We don’t do this alone. Our design, build and implementation relies on a synthesis of shared experiences and goals. SUM projects are defined as much by the process of creation as the product. This process is an integral part of the value of everything that we do.

S/U/M was founded by Andre Caradec in 2002.


With our unique resource of an in-house design studio and workshop with full digital milling capabilities, along with a large local and national network of like-minded craftspersons,  we are able to experiment with and deploy new methods of prototyping and production that enrich the process of translating ideas into their tactile, physical counterparts.


S/U/M is an award winning design and fabrication studio that draws on a broad set of disciplines to create design solutions that are both visual and interactive. Our projects reflect a wide spectrum of knowledge from architects, artists, graphic designers, computational mathematicians, manufacturers and museum curators.  Since starting in 2002, S/U/M has been involved with a diverse variety of projects that bridge public art, architecture and industrial design with a spirit for invention and the new.

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